FALL 2012
The CHAMPS/LifeSkills Program and
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee were
created to support the student-athlete develop-
ment initiatives of NCAA member institutions
and to enhance the quality of the student-
athlete experience within the context of higher
education. The 2012-13 academic year is the
twelfth year of Barry’s CHAMPS program.
Activities last year included the CHAMPS/
Life Skills Competition, Women in Distress,
Give Kids the World Village, Special Olympics
and more.
This semester Taylor Babcock and Joel Bel-
lot (pictured) were chosen to represent Barry
University Athletics at the SAAC elite week-
end in Orlando, Florida. The event brought
together student representatives from each
University in the Sunshine State Conference in
order to share ideas on expanding campus community service projects, develop initiatives for the NCAA’s Make-A-
Wish charity, and attend workshops on team-building and leadership.
Taylor, also Vice-President of the SAAC Elite Program, had this to say about her experience at the Elite Confer-
“As a Student-Athlete, I felt that we were all able to create great relationships, complete group tasks that were
assigned, and were able to participate in a positive environment. Participating in this conference was a great experi-
ence and one that I will never forget because it showed me teamwork, positive sportsmanship, and everyone in the
conference shared ideas on how we can better the community around us through community service opportunities.
This weekend was a great way to get to know more administrators within the SSC, as well as make new friendships
with Student-Athletes, who I otherwise might have never met. “
Barry’s Women’s Vol-
leyball Team continues to
make a difference in the
The team volunteered at
the International Coastal
Beach Clean-up Day, and
cleaned eight blocks of
beach from 71st-79th
street in North Miami
Beach. Together they
were able to remove 215
pounds of waste from the
CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
Volleyball Beach Clean-Up
Joel Bellot and Taylor Babcock at the SAAC Elite Conference
Volleyball Teammates at the International Coastal Clean-Up Day
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