FALL 2012
existing personnel, the program
is designed to identify underpre-
pared students, and implement
strategies to provide assistance
toward support of academic
performance leading to success,
retention, and graduation for any
student in the School.
Work has also been done on
updating an alumni database,
facebook page, and the HPLS
website (
Staff have been designated to
work in conjunction with Alumni
Services and the HPLS Alumni
Advisory Board to conduct
events for both alumni and future
alumni to connect.
On behalf of the univer-
sity, the School has established
several Memos of Understand-
ing (MOUs) with universities
throughout the world. To date,
formal relationships have been
forged with the University of
Pretoria (South Africa), Univer-
sity of Beira Interior (Portugal),
University of Santo Tomas (Co-
lombia), Lithuanian Academy of
Physical Education (Lithuania),
University of North West (South
Africa). Discussions continue
with universities in Macau, China,
Taiwan, Israel, and Spain. These
memos allow us to utilize univer-
sity resources to
advance the vision,
mission, values,
and goals of the
university and the
Our aca-
demic programs
emanating from
the Department of
Sport and Exercise
Sciences are na-
tionally recognized
in the areas of un-
dergraduate athletic
training and gradu-
ate sport manage-
ment. We have
been successful in
gaining accredita-
tion once again for
another decade for
our undergradu-
ate athletic training
program through
its national accrediting body, CAATE.
We are working to submit both under-
graduate and graduate sport manage-
ment programs for accreditation by
its North American accrediting body,
COSMA, within the next year. Our
undergraduate sport management and
undergraduate sport management –
diving industry (the only one in the
world), graduate movement science
biomechanics, and graduate move-
ment science exercise physiology
degree programs have just passed,
again, program reviews for the next
three years by the university. A brand
new undergraduate Sport, Exercise
and Performance Psychology major
has been approved by the univer-
sity. The program will begin in the
Fall, 2013 semester. We are one of
nine universities in North America
to offer this exciting and innovative
undergraduate program to comple-
ment our superb master’s degree in
Sport, Exercise and Performance
The intercollegiate athletic pro-
gram is recognized as a program of
national excellence. Since our last
newsletter, numerous outstanding
achievements have been accom-
plished by those in the department.
Over the first 28 years of Bucca-
neer Athletics, Barry has won nine
national championships -- three
each in women’s soccer and vol-
leyball and one each in men’s golf,
men’s tennis and women’s tennis. In
addition, Barry has crowned 243 All-
Americans in 13 different sports and
Maurice Hontz, Jenni Mendelsohn, Dr. Leta Hicks, and Butch Davis
Sonya Zivanovic, Anisa Secerovic, & Emer Foley at
“Layups for Leukemia”
A Message From the Dean
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