FALL 2012
272 Scholar All-Americans, sending
numerous teams and individuals to
post-season playoffs and national
championship competitions.
The Bucs have advanced
at least five of their 12 teams to
NCAA post-season play in each of
the last 17 years. In 2003-04, the
Bucs set a school record with eight
teams earning NCAA Tournament
bids (men’s soccer, women’s soccer,
volleyball, men’s tennis, women’s
tennis, men’s golf, women’s golf and
rowing). They tied that mark, send-
ing eight teams to the post-season in
2005-06 (women’s soccer, volleyball,
women’s golf, men’s golf, rowing,
softball, men’s tennis and women’s
tennis), 2009-10 (men’s soccer, men’s
basketball, women’s basketball, row-
ing, men’s golf, women’s golf, men’s
tennis and women’s tennis) and
2010-11 (men’s soccer, volleyball,
rowing, men’s golf, softball, baseball,
men’s tennis and women’s tennis).
In 2001-02, seven of the Bucs’
12 teams earned NCAA Tourna-
ment bids, led by the volleyball team
which won the national champion-
ship. Women’s golf posted a 2nd
place finish in their first trip to the
national finals. Women’s tennis
finished third for the second straight
year. Rowing was fourth at the first-
ever national championship regatta.
A Message From the Dean
Jeff Laliberte Takes Aim in the HPLS Intramural Bowling League
than 3.0 and
in the Spring Se-
mester of 2012,
a record 72.5
percent of all
finished with a
cumulative GPA
of 3.0 or better.
The Buc-
caneers compete
in the prestigious
Sunshine State
(SSC). Barry
has won 49
SSC titles in 12
different sports
since it joined
the conference
in 1988. The Buccaneers have also
won the SSC Women’s Mayor’s Cup
All-Sports Trophy on five occa-
sions, in 1990-91, 1996-97, 1999-00,
2001-02 and 2005-06. In 2006-07,
the Buccaneer men finally claimed a
Mayor’s Cup of their own, as none
of the five teams finished outside
the top three in the conference. The
men were co-winners in 2008-09 for
their second cup and took their third
in 2010-11.
Barry’s coaches have also
claimed 48 Sunshine State Confer-
ence Coach-of-the-Year awards
and seven National Coach-of-
the-Year awards. Barry University
currently competes in 12 intercol-
legiate sports for men and women.
Women’s sports include basketball,
golf, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis,
and volleyball. Men’s sports include
baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and
Campus Recreation and Well-
ness has achieved international rec-
ognition through its Fun, Fit Fridays
program initiatives. Faculty and staff
were sent by the School to Pretoria,
South Africa, to continue to foster
this international project that is part-
nered with the University of Pretoria
as well as the University of Beira
Interior (in Portugal) and to set up
joint research projects between the
Students continue to flood
intramural leagues with participa-
tion. Two new sports were added:
bowling and tennis. The Fitness
Center recorded 48,574 visitors, the
highest number since its opening
in 2005. Wellness workshops were
offered in record numbers, including
free mammograms, BlueCross Blue
Shield information, strategies on
stress management, and lunch-and-
learns. The Wellness Initiative Net-
work (WIN) was recently approved
by the ECA and made into a stand-
ing committee under the President,
has made plans for a 5-year strategic
plan for the university. Wellness Day
continues as a huge success. The
BUCWalking Challenge continues to
engage a record number of partici-
pants, including over 100 students.
The School of Human Perfor-
mance and Leisure Sciences remains
one of the youngest at Barry Uni-
versity. Tremendous strides have
been made to solidify the foundation
laid by those who came before us in
this exceptional School. This genera-
tion of planned growth represents
the next level upon which the School
will stand. We look forward to be-
coming a School in pursuit of excel-
lence by advancing human potential
through the integration of body,
mind and spirit. Join us in creating
our future!
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