FALL 2012
MIAMI SHORES, Fla.  --  Barry University sophomore Garrett Booker [Memphis, Tenn.] won the Dr Pepper
Tuition Giveaway, by throwing more footballs into an oversized Dr Pepper can than Ryan Kovacik from Virginia
Commonwealth University at halftime of the SEC championship football game in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. Booker
takes home the grand prize scholarship of $100,000. Kovicik earned $23,000 for finishing second. 
The two students threw footballs from five yards away into a two-foot hole in an oversized Dr Pepper can replica.
Booker set the new Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway record by making 20 throws in 30 seconds, by utilizing a basketball
chest-pass approach.  Kovicik made 13.
“I want to thank God, my family for support, my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and all the support from
Barry University,” Booker said on CBS-TV, following his win. “With this check, I just hope I can change lives. Actu-
ally, I will change lives.”
Selected by a panel of judges, Booker and Kovacik were among thousands of Dr Pepper fans from across the
country who submitted entries online explaining why they deserved to win college tuition.  Booker was selected by
a panel of judges on the strength of his video submission. Entries were judged on a range of criteria, such as the
inclusion of Dr Pepper, a description of how the tuition money and a college education will help the student make
an impact in the world, and overall presentation quality. Booker’s winning video can be viewed at
The Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway has already touched the lives of hundreds of students across the country. Dr
Pepper is giving away grand prizes during halftime of four conference championship games this year, including the
Dr Pepper ACC Championship, the Pac-12 Championship, the Big Ten Championship and the SEC Championship.
The brand also gave away a grand prize scholarship during the Cowboys Classic on Sept. 1.
Garrett Booker Wins $100,000 Scholarship at the SEC Championship Game
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