FALL 2012
“The most illuminating experi-
ence I had while in South Africa was
the day I spent
in the informal
settlement in
the township
of Soweto. This
area of Soweto
was extremely
poverty stricken
and in shambles.
I was at a loss of
words at what
I witnessed: no
electricity, no
running water,
children and
adults barely
Barry University Intramural Coor-
dinator Andy Havens is an expert in
the field of Recreation Management.
His work at Barry has helped the
Department of Campus Recreation
and Wellness continue to grow its
offerings to students and staff.
This past semester, Havens
brought his expertise overseas to
South Africa’s University of Pre-
toria. Havens visited the school’s
Department of Biokinetics & Sport
and Leisure Sciences to analyze
its recreation department. He helped
the school find ways to increase rec-
reational offerings and involvement,
as well as implement best practices
that will allow the department to run
more effectively. Havens also worked
with a community-learning project,
Team PLAY, which aims to help
local adult learners establish success-
ful and lasting community recreation
programs and activities.
Andy experienced the South
African version of Fun, Fit, Fridays
and used his educational background
in Sport Management to serve the
underpriviledged populations in
South Africa.
“...no matter who I
encountered, there
was always an oppor-
tunity to learn, reflect,
and serve.” – Andy
clothed; it was poverty at its worst.
The education I received plus
my work experience at Barry has
allowed me to affectively serve the
community both locally and glob-
ally. While in South Africa I had the
opportunity to embrace individuals
from all walks of life and no matter
who I encountered, there was always
an opportunity to learn, reflect, and
Havens has been a part of the
Barry community since 2003. He
graduated with a Bachelor of Sci-
ence in Sport Management (golf
industry) from Barry in 2007 and at-
tained his master’s in Sport Manage-
ment from the university in 2008.
Havens can be seen around the
Barry campus teaching Instructional
Sport and Recreation and Orienta-
tion classes, serving on the univer-
sity’s QIP and WIN committees,
and assisting at many intercollegiate
athletic events. In May 2012, Ha-
vens earned Barry’s EPIC Award for
Achievement through his continued
commitment to the university and
involvement in campus activities.
From South Beach to South Africa: HPLS Reaches out A World Away
Andy Havens with Friends From South Africa (Above and Below)
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