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FALL 2013
Winning a National title
at the Intercollegiate level
is a feat requiring com-
mittment and dedication
coaches, and administra-
tion. Most Universities
can only dream of field-
ing one championship
team in their history. In
2013, the Buccaneers did
two better, winning two
team titles in the same
year along with one in-
dividual championship.
The Buccaneers Men’s
Tennis Team (29-0) ran
the first team to go un-
beaten in school history.
The Bucs are also the
first team in any sport
at Barry University to
have a perfect season.
“This is a Cinderella
story as I thought of it
in the beginning, and I
was hoping it would end
this way,” longtime Bucs
coach George Samuel
said. “By far, this is the
best year that I’ve ever
had in my 23 years as
far as the success went
throughout the year.”
In the National Champi-
onship finals, it all came
down to No. 5 singles,
where Vivas dropped the
first set to 29th-ranked
Scocuglia, 6-3, before
winning the second in
comeback fashion, 6-4.
Trailing 4-1 in the de-
cisive set, as he did in
the second, Vivas found
his back against the
wall, knowing the title
rested on his shoulders.
“I was 4-1 down in the
third, and things were
looking bad,” Vivas said.
But “El Presidente” bat-
tled, winning the next
three games to tie it at 4-4.
Scocuglia served his way
to a 5-4 lead before Vi-
vas matched it with a ser-
vice win to tie it at 5-5.
Vivas broke Scocuglia to
take a 6-5 lead, and then
served for the match
without dropping a point
to clinch the national ti-
tle for the Buccaneers.
“I saw my team there, I
saw everyone there,” Vi-
vas said. “It was just like,
‘This is your last match.
Just give it everything you
have.’ Everything worked
out well. I honestly didn’t
even think about the
score. I just played tennis.”
Now the Buccaneers
have glossy hardware
and can call them-
“It was a goal,” Costa-
magna said. “Now we did
it. It’s a big step in history
Intercollegiate Athletics
Three National Championships for Buccaneer Athletics
for Barry University.”
The Men’s Team Tennis
Title was the second team
championship in the last
4 years by the Buccaneers.
Men’s Tennis Celebrates Their Dramatic Victory
All-American Marco Mokrzycki
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