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FALL 2013
Center resources by HPLS students;
two Blackboard Tutor sites for biolo-
gy and accounting tutoring was estab-
lished; and the role of the Assistant
Director for SES undergraduate pro-
grams shifted to include advisement
of at-risk students with increase con-
tact time. Advisees were also transi-
tioned to program faculty advisors.
Degree audit program success in fa-
cilitating information and program
tracking was improved; measurement
of success also included a passing
grade on the first attempt in BIO 220
and attainment of degree program
GPAs. Two events were also initiated
to recognize academic accomplish-
ments of President’s and Dean’s List
Honor students in HPLS. The Dean
and SES Department Chair pre-
sented students at a cake celebration
with certificates and HPLS Scholar-
Student or Scholar-Athlete lapel pins.
The School has been working to
update an alumni database in coop-
eration with Alumni Services and the
HPLS Alumni Advisory Board. The
Assistant Dean and advisory board
leadership worked on events so that
both alumni and future alumni can
connect. This year, two events were
held: (1) HPLS night at a spring
baseball game; and (2) HPLS Stu-
dent Success celebration to honor
Dean’s and President’s Lists students.
Alumni were invited to both events.
Over 60 were in attendance at each.
The Associate Dean’s role includes
accreditation responsibilities for
SACS and degree programs that
have accrediting bodies. This year,
the Associate Dean served as the
Institutional Effectiveness Com-
mittee – Administrative Support
Subcommittee Co-Chair; served as
HPLS representative on the IEC
Educational Programs Subcom-
mittee and Administrative Stu-
dent Support Services Subcom-
mittee; and uploaded all SACS
evidence to SharePoint for trans-
fer to Xitracs (the program used
in SACS renewal documentation).
The School of HPLS initiated the
first HPLS Sport Science Network
(HPLS – SSN), designed to em-
brace professionals in Sport and
Exercise Sciences, Sports Medi-
cine, and Allied Health and Well-
ness, and provide an environment
of collaboration using synergy of
thought, contemplation, research,
service, and international initia-
tives that collectively enhance our
contributions in a human perfor-
mance/wellness global context.
Utilizing a Linked-In account
and occasional face-to-face meet-
ings, the network’s goals include
the provision of service linking
student-athletes and young pro-
fessionals with community pro-
fessionals; teaching, research and
service collaboration; and increas-
ing professional practice activ-
ity of those in the network. Stay
tuned for more information….
The 2012 HPLS Champion Kickball Team
A Message From the Dean
In order for the School of HPLS
to continue to ‘go and grow’, we
need help from alumni and friends.
If there is something on the HPLS
WISH LIST that you can help
us with, we would appreciate it.
Contact Dr. Kluka if you can assist
(305-899-3549 or
Please remember that no contribu-
tion is too small. Everything you con-
tribute will be sincerely appreciated.
We are in need of the following
Internship sites for sport
management, exercise physiology,
biomechanics, physical education
and coaching, athletic training;
Volunteer guest speakers for
all classes in Sport and Exercise Sci-
ences Programs;
Purchase of a climbing wall
for recreational and academic use;
Equipment for the Human
Performance Laboratory;
Equipment for the MAC
Laboratory (Motion Analysis Cen-
Equipment for the Sport
Behavior Laboratory;
I-pads for coaches of 12
Wish List
1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
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