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FALL 2013
HPLS Frontiers
Founded in Fall 2012, the Kluka fellowship is awarded
annually to applicants from HPLS who display lead-
ership at the international level by serving in leader-
ship capacities for international organizations, pre-
senting at international conferences, conducting
educational seminars/conferences, formulating collab-
orative research, or other related opportunities consis-
tent with the HPLS five-year strategic plan (2011-2016).
The 2012- 2013 recipients were:
Dr. Kathy Ludwig
, Chair of the Department of Sport
and Exercise Sciences, for being an invited USA re-
search delegate representing Barry University at the
Fifth International Conference of Ministers and Se-
nior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and
Sport (MINEPS V) sponsored by the International
Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and
the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cul-
tural Organization in Berlin, Germany, May 26-30,2013.
Mr. Ed Londono
, Director of Campus Recreation and
Wellness, for presentations at the Symposium of Physical
Culture, Sport andRecreation to promote Fun, Fit, Friday’s
leading topartnershipsbetweenuniversitiesat theUniversi-
daddeSantoThomas inBogota,Colombia,May5-19,2013.
Dr. Gualberto Cremades
, Associate Professor, Di-
rector of SES Graduate Programs and Coordinator of
Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Programs,
for presenting his latest research on brain wave activity
applications to imagery processes, to partner with fac-
ulty and students and to formulate a Memorandum of
Understanding between the Universidad Autonoma
de Madrid, Spain and Barry University, June 6-8, 2013.
Dr. Nauris Tamulevicius
, Associate Professor, Exer-
cise Physiology Program, SES St. Petersburg, to serve as
a member of the International Council Physical Activ-
ity and Fitness Research Scientific Committee, to present
and chair a scientific session at the Symposium of the
International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness
Research in Hamilton, New Zealand, August 29-31, 2013.
Dr. Gayle Workman
, Associate Professor, Coordi-
nator of Sport Management Programs, for present-
ing a paper on Marketing Outdoor Aventure for Ma-
ture Adults at the University of the Highlands Centre
for Recreation and Tourism Research and to facili-
tate a Memorandum of Understanding between West
Highland College and Barry University in the Isle of
Skye, Scotland, United Kingdom, May 21-23, 2013.
The Aloysius and Lillian Kluka International Fellowship
Barry University, through its School of Human Per-
formance and Leisure Sciences and Division of Insti-
tutional Advancement, bid for this prestigious global
sport science congress at the 2013 World Congress in
Havana, Cuba. Three other bids from other regions
of the world were also presented. At the General As-
sembly, the votes were unanimous – Barry Univer-
sity in Miami Shores, Florida, USA would host the
2017 IAPESGW World Congress. The last time the
World Congress was held in the USA was in 1961!
Congresses since 1949:
1949 – Copenhagen, Denmark
1953 – Paris, France
1957 – London, UK
1961 – Washington, DC, USA
1965 – Cologne, Germany
1969 – Tokyo, Japan
1973 – Tehran, Iran
1977 – Cape Town, South Africa
1981 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
1985 – Warwick. UK
1989 – Bali, Indonesia
1993 – Melbourne, Australia
1997 – Lahti, Finland
2001 – Alexandria, Egypt
2005 – Edmonton, Canada
2009 – Stellenbosch University, South Africa
2013 – Havana, Cuba
2017 – Miami, Florida , USA (Barry University)
IAPESGW (International Association of Physical
Education and Sport for Girls and Women) is an orga-
nization that supports and brings together like-mind-
From left to right: New President Prof Dr Rosa Lo-
pez de D’Amico (Venezuela) (2013 - 2017) with
past Presidents Prof Dr Tansin Benn (England) (2009
- 2013) and Prof Dr Darlene Kluka (United States of
America) (2005 - 2009). Dr. Kluka remains on the
board from 2013-2017, representing the host site.
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