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Game-by-Game Highs

1999-2000 Barry Women's Basketball Barry University Game-by-Game Highs (as of Oct 18, 2000) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Columbus State Univers 11/05/99 78-85 OL 23-Holiday, Fati 8-Roach, Terrel 6-Paddock, Heid 4-Holiday, Fati 3-Nicole Johnso vs Northern State 11/06/99 64-89 L 16-Nicole Johnso 10-Williams, Ang 3-Torrealday, S 2-Paddock, Heid 1-Nicole Johnso vs Florida Tech 11/07/99 80-71 W 24-Williams, Ang 9-Lewis, Diane 7-Paddock, Heid 2-Lewis, Diane 2-Williams, Ang Williams, Ang Holiday, Fati vs Central Washington Uni 11/19/99 56-53 W 16-Williams, Ang 12-Williams, Ang 5-Torrealday, S 4-Lewis, Diane None at Seattle Pacific Univer 11/20/99 51-64 L 15-Williams, Ang 11-Williams, Ang 4-Paddock, Heid 4-Holiday, Fati 1-Williams, Ang Nicole Johnso NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERS 11/23/99 86-54 W 20-Lewis, Diane 8-Mahan, Kelly 4-Smith, Rebecc 3-Lewis, Diane 1-Mahan, Kelly Parker, Megan Farmer, Heidi Lewis, Diane FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 12/03/99 82-77 WO 28-Nicole Johnso 12-Mahan, Kelly 9-Torrealday, S 4-Holiday, Fati 2-Mahan, Kelly PALM BEACH ATLANTIC COLLE 12/07/99 66-47 W 10-Holiday, Fati 8-Lewis, Diane 3-Nicole Johnso 4-Lewis, Diane 2-Mahan, Kelly Mahan, Kelly Santamarina,C Nicole Johnso at Nova Southeastern Univ 12/11/99 71-48 W 24-Lewis, Diane 11-Lewis, Diane 5-Lewis, Diane 6-Lewis, Diane 1-Mahan, Kelly Bradshaw, Bri Roach, Terrel UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORID 12/16/99 81-70 W 16-Johnson, Nico 10-Lewis, Diane 4-Connaway, Ken 2-Paddock, Heid 3-Mahan, Kelly Holiday, Fati Farmer, Heidi Lewis, Diane LENOIR-RHYNE COLLEGE 12/29/99 86-62 W 25-Johnson, Nico 6-Holiday, Fati 9-Paddock, Heid 5-Lewis, Diane 6-Mahan, Kelly Mahan, Kelly AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CO 12/30/99 65-57 W 18-Johnson, Nico 8-Mahan, Kelly 14-Paddock, Heid 5-Paddock, Heid 4-Johnson, Nico Johnson, Nico DOWLING COLLEGE 01/03/00 67-34 W 17-Nicole Johnso 8-Williams, Ang 4-Santamarina,C 2-Lewis, Diane 2-Nicole Johnso O'Brien, Step WINGATE UNIVERSITY 01/04/00 99-57 W 14-Nicole Johnso 7-Roach, Terrel 7-Paddock, Heid 4-Lewis, Diane 1-Farmer, Heidi Lewis, Diane at Lynn University 01/12/00 59-42 W 18-Diane Lewis 9-Angie William 5-Heidi Paddock 3-Fatimah Holid 1-Kelly Mahan Fatimah Holid FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE 01/15/00 72-66 W 17-Holiday, Fati 9-Mahan, Kelly 8-Paddock, Heid 6-Williams, Ang 1-Mahan, Kelly Williams, Ang at Rollins College Women 1/19/00 67-81 L 23-HOLIDAY,Fatim 7-WILLIAMS,Angi 4-PADDOCK,Heidi 4-LEWIS,Diane 1-ROACH,Terrell LEWIS,Diane MAHAN,Kelly FLORIDA TECH 1/22/00 77-62 W 12-Johnson, Nico 9-Lewis, Diane 7-Paddock, Heid 3-Holiday, Fati 1-Lewis, Diane Holiday, Fati Holiday, Fati Lewis, Diane at Saint Leo University 01/26/00 53-36 W 14-Lewis, Diane 14-Roach, Terrel 3-Holiday, Fati 5-Lewis, Diane 1-Williams, Ang Paddock, Heid Roach, Terrel Mahan, Kelly Holiday, Fati at Eckerd College Tritons 01/29/00 52-36 W 13-Angie William 12-Angie William 3-Saioa torreal 2-Diane Lewis 1-Angie William Heidi Paddock Carolina Sant LYNN UNIVERSITY 2/2/00 62-63 L 20-Nicole Johnso 8-Kelly Mahan 3-Diane Lewis 3-Terrell Roach 1-Kelly Mahan Angie William UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 02/05/00 84-68 W 25-Roach, Terrel 10-Roach, Terrel 10-Paddock, Heid 4-Williams, Ang 2-Roach, Terrel Paddock, Heid at Florida Southern Colle 2/07/00 57-61 L 17-ROACH, Terrel 6-HOLIDAY, Fati 3-LEWIS, Diane 2-JOHNSON, Nico 2-MAHAN, Kelly HOLIDAY, Fati HOLIDAY, Fati LEWIS, Diane ROLLINS COLLEGE 02/09/00 69-68 W 19-Holiday, Fati 8-Lewis, Diane 6-Holiday, Fati 3-Holiday, Fati 1-Holiday, Fati Lewis, Diane
1999-2000 Barry Women's Basketball Barry University Game-by-Game Highs (as of Oct 18, 2000) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mahan, Kelly at Florida Tech 02/12/00 70-56 W 16-Johnson, Nico 9-Williams, Ang 6-Paddock, Heid 3-Holiday, Fati 1-Parker, Megan SAINT LEO UNIVERSITY 02/16/00 72-51 W 19-Nicole Johnso 7-Williams, Ang 5-Roach, Terrel 6-Lewis, Diane 4-Mahan, Kelly Lewis, Diane ECKERD COLLEGE 02/19/00 84-50 W 16-Williams, Ang 11-Williams, Ang 4-Roach, Terrel 3-Torrealday, S 1-Roach, Terrel Roach, Terrel Parker, Megan Holiday, Fati Williams, Ang at Tampa 2/23/00 56-70 L 15-Lewis, Diane 9-Roach, Terrel 3-Roach, Terrel 5-Lewis, Diane 1-Johnson, Nico Lewis, Diane Mahan, Kelly Lewis, Diane vs Eckerd College 2/27/00 82-63 W 19-Diane Lewis 8-Diane Lewis 3-Heidi Paddock 3-Carolina Sant 1-Angie William Diane Lewis vs University of Tampa 2/28/00 76-79 OL 18-Terrell Roach 7-Angie William 5-Heidi Paddock 2-Fatimah Holid 1-Diane Lewis Fatimah Holid Terrell Roach Diane Lewis Kelly Mahan Terrell Roach Nicole Johnso